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Girls Lacrosse

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The Fastest Game on Two Feet – North America’s First Game

Invented by Native Americas, lacrosse is considered to be North America’s first sport. In the traditional Native Canadian version, each team consisted os about 100 to 1,000 men on a field that stretched from about 500 meters to 3 kilometers long. These lacrosse games lasted from sun up to sun down for two to three days straight. Lacrosse played a significant role in the community and religious life of tribes. Early lacrosse was characterized by deep spiritual involvement, befitting the spirit of combat in which it was undertaken. Those who took part did so in the role of warriors, with the goal of bringing glory and humor to themselves and their tribes.

In 1867, William George Beers founded the first Lacrosse Club in Montreal. He created the ”Beers Rules” by shortening the length of the game and reduced the number of players to twelve per team. By the 20th century Eastern US high schools, colleges, and universities began playing the game predominantly at prep schools and private universities.

The growth of the sport was limited to the capacity of the production of lacrosse sticks. Up until the 1970s virtually every American lacrosse player’s wooden stick was produced by Mohawk Indian craftsman from the St. Regis Reserve near Cornwall, Ontario. In the 1970s synthetic sticks were mass-produced giving more players easy access to an essential piece of equipment and the sport began to grow rapidly.

Lacrosse Today

All of this brings us to today, where lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America. US Lacrosse reports a 168% increase in participation from 2001 to 2011, outpacing all other sports. This explosive growth has occurred at every level of competition. The NCAA Division 1 men and women’s lacrosse championships now regularly draw crowds second only to those at the men’s basketball championship and certain bowl games.

Women’s Lacrosse

Like basketball, every player on the lacrosse field plays offense and defense, and the players are constantly in motion unless the whistle blows and stops play. There are twelve players on each team: 4 attack, 3 midfielders, 4 defenders and a goalie. The field of play is 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. The goals are 6 feet by 6 feet and sit inside a circular “crease” measuring 18 feet in diameter. Each offensive and defensive area is 40x60yds.

Lacrosse is fast paced and very fun to play. Every player on the field will likely handle the ball many times. Lacrosse is a great sport for field hockey and basketball players given the similar level of physicality and athleticism required.

The goal of the Skyline Women’s Lacrosse program is to build a strong team of young women, coaches, and parents who are enthusiastic about the game of Lacrosse and the direction of the program. Together we will lead with encouragement and discipline so our athletes begin their journey to being the best students, citizens, and leaders possible. They will learn the joys of winning and the opportunities that losing games offers us as a team. Throughout the season, our student athletes will learn that being a part of a team teaches them crucial cooperation skills that will benefit them in every aspect of their lives. Skyline Women’s Lacrosse is proud to focus on sportsmanship, self-discipline, and a winning attitude. One of the top priorities will be to make the experience safe and fun for our athletes. This includes creating opportunities for players to get involved. Athletes will work harder and have more fun if they feel a deeper connection to the team. This will be accomplished by including the players in the making of many team decisions. Empowering them on the field will lead to a more confident and responsible individual off the field.

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion” – Mia Hamm


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