Coed Varsity Equestrian · Skyline Eagles Place 2nd at First MIHA Meet

T12003208_10206351632722424_6678078765256181528_nhe Skyline Equestrian Team is off to a strong start after placing 2nd overall in Division D in the MIHA.  This past Sunday, team members supported each other and managed a respectable second place at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville, MI.  The placement shows promise for a slot in the Regional Championships taking place at the beginning of October in Mason, MI.
The team was led by Junior captain Anne Boyd scoring a total of 23 points in various categories.  Making her debut, Freshmen Seanna Mueller-King accumulated an impressive 18 points helping the team to secure a sizable lead over the third place team.  Supporting both horses and riders were Hannah Moening and Lindsey Dvorin- making sure riders knew their patterns and horses were ready for the show ring.
The team will be competing the next 2 Sundays to determine eligibility for an invitation to the regional championships.