Boys Junior Varsity Water Polo, Boys Varsity Water Polo · Second win in 2 days for Skyline boys water polo

The Skyline Eagles boys water polo teams hit the road on Tuesday, September 19, heading to Dexter after a run of games at home. They brought home one win for varsity; that game was followed by hard-fought loss after a shoot-out for JV.

The goals started coming quickly during the first game when co-captain Matteo Procoppe got the ball. He scored two and co-captain Wilson Noll got the other two, ending the quarter at 4-1.

Procoppe started the second quarter with another goal, before being awarded a successful 5-meter penalty shot. Co-captain Josh Smith scored next. An elaborate passing setup from Procoppe to Patrick Dempsey to Noll looked like it would be another goal – but the refs waved it off. Undeterred, the Eagles took their “eagle eyes” to the net for four more goals that quarter: Procoppe (2), co-captain Liam Keating and Alex Eisman.

The third quarter ended at 13-3, after goals by Noll and Spencer Jyawook were met with two Dexter goals. By the time the fourth quarter started, the Eagles had pressed hard for many ball steals – including at least three by Keegan Gardner – and several pass slap-downs, including two late in the game by Derek Mrachko. Goals came from Jyawook, who faked the goalie near the net, Nick Pachera, Dempsey and Ben Keith. The final score: 16-4.

JV started the game with a sprint win by Keith and ended tied at 1-1, following a goal by  Atticus Dewey, who dug into set for much of the game. He scored again in the second, with Mrachko. More goals followed, with Noah Boucher scoring once and John Evangelista hitting net twice. The fourth quarter started with goals by Dewey and Keith as the team fought to catch up to Dexter – and, with 40 seconds left in the game, Mrachko did just that.

The refs called for a shootout instead of overtime, due to the time. As the teams set up for the stressful showdown, varsity players for both Dexter and Skyline shouted support. The Eagles shooters lined up to support goalie Nickey Boucher, but Dexter ended up victorious.

The teams head back to practice for the rest of the week, as varsity prepared for the district seed on Saturday, September 23,  tournament at Huron High School.