BLX Donation and Volunteer Opportunities

Please patronize and thank our 2015 season sponsors

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Sign-up sheet for volunteer jobs

Running a game requires parent volunteers. The list below explains the jobs that need to be performed — anyone can do any of the jobs (some modest training is all that you will need). Each job must be filled for both JV and Varsity games. We need Spotters and Scorebook for all games (home and away).  Banner hanging, Tickets, Announcer, Game clock, and Penalty timer/Horn are for home games only.

  • Banner hanging [Home games only]: Hang our sponsor and senior banners before each home game
  • Tickets [Home games only]: Sell and collect game tickets at the stadium entrance.
  • Announcer [Home games only]: This is a press box job — give a play-by-play account of the game for spectators.
  • Game clock [Home games only]: This is a press box job — keep track of the game time on the field countdown clock.  Typically the clock starts and stops on a referee whistle (unless instructed otherwise).  Under “mercy” rules the clock will run continuously.
  • Penalty timer/horn [Home games only]: This is a field table job — keep track of penalty time for each player in the penalty box and monitor “releasable” (penalty ends if opponent scores) vs. “non-releasable” (penalty continues even if opponent scores) penalties.  The penalty clock starts and stops on a referee whistle (unless instructed otherwise).  Under “mercy” rules the clock will run continuously. Sound the horn once on a sideline out of bounds ball if the coach requests it and the ref has both arms raised.  Never sound the horn when the ball is in play — except to end a period.
  • Spotter [All games]: This is a field table job — calls out the statistics to be recorded, such as goals, assists, groundballs, faceoffs won/lost, clears, and penalties.  For example, a Skyline goal would be called as “Skyline goal, Number 44, assisted by Number 32, <game time>” — a groundball would be called as “Skyline groundball, Number 10” — a penalty would be called as “Penalty, Skyline, Number 15, slashing, 1 minute, <game time>”
  • Scorebook [All games]: This is a field table job — records the statistics called by the Spotter and also any other statistics observed or notes on game action


Each season we prepare a Men’s Lacrosse Game Program.  The Program contains information on the Skyline men’s lacrosse program, coaches, lacrosse as a sport and team rosters.  It is a handy reference during games as well as a great memento for the season. Inside the program we sell: spirit messages (an inspirational message directed toward an individual player or the team, with pictures and other graphics); and ads purchased by local businesses (in various sizes). See the Ad Sales Brochure for details on pricing.Sales of spirit messages and ads are a great way to raise funds for the Skyline Men’s Lacrosse program.  Remember, since the Ann Arbor  School District cut support for lacrosse, we are responsible for 100% of the costs of maintaining the men’s teams. Our players and their families realize the importance of the Game Program and are stepping up to sell spirit messages and ads.

Please contact Shannon Fisher if you have any questions or want to purchase a spirit message or ad.

Pancake Dinner Tradition

Each year the Skyline Men’s and Woman’s Lacrosse Teams join forces and hold an annual pancake dinner. The teams engage in an annual contest to see who can sell the most tickets.  The winning team will be awarded the Lacrosse Pancake Trophy which will be on display in our school showcases (check out the Men’s Lacrosse case, located on the second floor on the pool side of the building near the Commons).  The funds raised provide much needed financial support for the coming season. Look here for photos of Pancake Dinner 2013 (thanks to Bill Robenalt for the pictures).

Boys, we’ve got your back — Senior Gift tradition

Did your son have a great experience playing lacrosse for Skyline?  Do you want to contribute to the legacy of the Skyline lacrosse program?  In 2013 we introduced a new annual tradition:  Boys, we’ve got your back!  – The Senior Gift.   This is an opportunity for players and their families to leave a legacy to the team by making a cash donation that will be used towards a designated gift.  This tradition was launched by an anonymous donor who matched all of the funds donated up to $1,000 for the 2013 gift.   The Senior Gift does not go to the general fund, but will be used to meet a specific need or provide a specific item. In 2013 the gift was designated to the purchase of new uniforms. Families can contribute by writing a check or money order made out to:  Skyline Men’s Lacrosse and annotated with “The Senior Gift”.  They can be given to any Board Member or mailed to Shannon Fisher, 5079 Pratt Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  A receipt will be provided to each donor and their son’s name will be placed on The Senior Gift Plaque.

Support Men’s Lacrosse by purchasing Spirit Wear

Please patronize our spirit wear stores when they are open — look for announcements in the email newsletter.

Support Men’s Lacrosse through trade-ins at Play It Again Sports

Find out how you can donate the value of your trade-ins at Play It Again Sports — and get a 15% team discount.