BLX Organization


The Skyline Men’s Lacrosse Club is dedicated to providing the best lacrosse experience for all interested Skyline students.  All levels of players, coaches, officials, and fans will benefit from the Skyline Men’s Lacrosse experience.  The club seeks to honor the game by instilling values of athleticism, scholastic achievement, sportsmanship, and teamwork while fielding competitive lacrosse teams at the high school level.

We differentiate ourselves through our values

Faithfulness to the spirit of the game. Participating in lacrosse for the love of the game, with the pure intention of playing hard and fair while nurturing the soul is pursuing lacrosse in the spirit of the game.  Play lacrosse because you love it.  Play because it’s fun.

Honoring tradition. Handing down knowledge, information, beliefs, and customs from one team and player to another invites you to be part of something bigger than yourself and is a way to honor the sport.  Our action, history, and stories form the basis of the culture of Skyline Men’s Lacrosse and the character of those who participate.

Respect. To act in a way that shows you are aware of and fully value the participants, rules, and spirit of the game means that you hold the sport’s traditions in the highest regard and esteem.  Respect permeates throughout, on and off the field.

Honor.  To behave with a high moral standard that shows you fully appreciate the privilege of playing lacrosse.  Honor the opportunity to participate through grace and humility.

Integrity.  To serve the game well means that you will act with honesty and sincerity on and off the field, undivided in head, heart, and hand.

Skyline Lacrosse  Board Members

Club By-laws

The club is governed by a set of by-laws.

Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of board meetings are published to this web site.