BLX Program Information

Welcome to the Skyline Boy’s Lacrosse Program

Requirements to participate in interscholastic athletics at Skyline High School

In order to eligible to tryout for and play on spring interscholastic teams at Skyline, participants must complete the following by March 9 (links are to the Skyline Athletics web site):

  • Athletic registration and insurance payment (complete this online — payment is to Community Recreation and Education and can be made online at the end of the online registration OR paid in person by check or cash only at the Skyline Athletic Office; $30 insurance payment is in addition to club player fees — if your child has played a sport in a previous season during 2014-15 you have already paid);
  • Completion of emergency card (complete this online; again, if your child has played a sport previously this year you have already filed this);
  • Completion of the physical exam card (turn this in to the Skyline Athletic Office; date of the physical must be after April 15, 2014 — this requires the signature of your child’s physician or comparable healthcare provider — if your child has played a sport previously this year you have already filed this); and
  • Submission of a signed concussion signature sheet  (parent and player) as required by the new law which recently went into effect in the state of Michigan — NO ONE may participate in any sort of practice, workout, camp, clinic, etc unless we have the SIGNATURE SHEET signed by both the parent and the athlete and on file with the Skyline Athletics Office.

Recognizing the signs of a concussion
Lacrosse is a contact sport and in the course of practice or games, players can experience hits resulting in concussions.  The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSHA) has published guidelines for recognizing the signs of a concussion, how concussions should be treated, and what must happen before a player with a concussion can return to activity. To learn more, please consult these information sheets prepared by the NFSHA:  NFSHA concussion guidelines (pg1)NFSHA concussion guidelines (pg2). Or consult these sources specific to the recently passed concussion law in the state of Michigan: a) concussion facts for athletes; and b) concussion facts for parents.


MHSAA rules prevent the board or coaches from scheduling or coaching practices until the season officially starts. However, our coaches expect all players to challenge themselves through strength and conditioning and by doing regular stick work.


All players and parents have the opportunity to participate in some form of service, whether by selling holiday wreaths or by working concessions for other teams’ events. In addition to accomplishing a great deal for the boy’s lacrosse team, this service is also a great way to build our community and have fun together.

Drills to live by…

Coach Buckley says that everyone could improve their stick skills by doing drills. Toward that goal he shares these examples from extremely well respected lacrosse programs with suggestions for wall ball drills.  Iroquois Nationals is a team comprised of Native Americans that competes at the international level, and Michigan is in its second year at the Division I varsity collegiate level.

Michigan Wall Ball Drills

Iroquois Stick Workout

Gil Leaf Lacrosse Trophy

In 2013 James G. “Gil” Leaf donated a vintage wooden lacrosse stick that his dad used at Maryland in the 1920s. Gil’s father was Munro Leaf, author of the classic children’s book The Story of Ferdinand.  The Gil Leaf Lacrosse Trophy will be held by the winner of each Skyline vs. Pioneer varsity game.  This tradition was inaugurated in the spirit of the great rivalry trophies, such as the Paul Bunyan Trophy (held between Michigan and Michigan State) and the Little Brown Jug (held between Michigan and Minnesota). The Gil Leaf Lacrosse Trophy is presented to the victorious team at the conclusion of each game.  The first Gil Leaf Lacrosse Trophy game was played on April 12, 2013.

Image of trophy
Gil Leaf Lacrosse Trophy — held since 2013 by the winner of each Skyline vs. Pioneer varsity men’s lacrosse game 

Staying Connected

Make sure to connect in one or more ways as listed below so that all players and parents stay informed about team activities, practices, and games: