Boys Basketball Family and Friend Supporters

Donation Club: If you would like to support our Skyline Boys Basketball Program with a donation, please contact Coach Lovelace, or you can send your donation to: Attention Coach Lovelace, 2552 N. Maple, Ann Arbor MI. 48103.
With your donation, we ask that you also include a note for your favorite player and/or message to the team/program. We will then include the message in each of our home game programs and also here on our website.
Checks should be made out to: SABC (donations are tax deductible  #83-0504845; 501c3).  Please return your donation by 1/31/16.

We thank you for your support of Skyline Boys Basketball!

Sincerely,  Coach Lovelace
The 2014-2015 giving clubs are:
$100  Soaring Eagle Club

  • “Go Eagles!”  The Bakker Family
  • “Passion, Confidence, Intelligence, Unselfishness”  Chad Partridge
  • “Go Eagles!” Ed Clarke

$50  Skyline Club

  •   Kris & Scott Lovelace support Coach Lovelace and the entire Men’s Basketball Program.  GO EAGLES!!!
  • Always play the game in this order, “US & You & me”.  Good luck!  The Simons
  • “Stay in your stance and good luck Marshal and Wyatt!”   Brant Funkhouser
  • Gretchen Peters supports Coach Lovelace
  • Dotty Wireman supports Colton Guntzviller
  • Jim and Nancy DeWolf support L.J. DeWolf
  • “GO SKYLINE” Dick Lovelace
  • Theresa Crothers supports Sam Windsor
  • “We hope you have another season to make the North Side proud again!” The Wyurot Family
  • “Good Luck Skyline” Mary and Charlie Ammerman
  • Ken and Judi Tappe support Jeff Knight
  • “One more win than last year will make this year special” Bob Bosold
  • “Go Marshal!”  Betty White
  • Katie and Rob Mudry support Tim Trudeau

$20  Columbia Blue Club

  • “Go Skyline!”   Karen Cohen supporting Zack Trumble
  • Wilks #33 Remember: “…The will must be stronger than the skill.” Muhammad Ali From Aunt Glenda
  • “David, Good luck on your Senior Year!” We’re so proud of you! Jesse, Shannon and Robert
  • F. Nell Thomas supports Chris Wilks
  • “Zack, you are a great team player and an asset to the Skyline Basketball Team. Congratulations.” Merta Trumble
  • “I really enjoyed your game. You did a very good job. Winning is always fun to watch.”  Gerry Sharrar
  • “Yeah Team!! Go for it Wyatt. Grandma’s your Cheerleader!”  Mrs. Helen I. Alexander
  • “I hope you guys win every game!”  Hayden Keeley
  • “Good Luck Colton and Team!!”  Collette Burnstein

To view messages of past supporters click here.