BTF Parent Volunteer Information

Please click HERE to access the Parent Volunteer Sign-up Sheet.
Parent volunteers make the program work.   It is kindly requested that each team member’s parents/family volunteer do at least two things during this season. (e.g. bring a snack or drinks for the athletes/drive to and from a meet.)
Please Share Your Pictures!
If you take pictures of our team at a meet, please upload them to our team’s Shutterfly account.  The pictures do not have to be perfect. We appreciate all levels of expertise!  For access to this secure site, please contact Mark Russell and provide him with your email address.

Carpool Procedures

  1. All athletes will be waiting at the predetermined area (front of the school) no later than the assigned  time.
  2. Each parent-volunteer driver will display the names of their riders on a 8.5 by 11 piece of paper and tape it in a window of the vehicle so it is visible.
  3. When a driver arrives, the athlete will enter the vehicle that displays his name in the window.
  • All riders must ride in their assigned car
  • No rider swapping–unless specifically told to do so by the transportation coordinator or the coach.( this means no switching cars to ride with friends.)
  • If a rider is driving himself, he needs to let the transportation coordinator know at least 3 days prior to the meet.
  • If a rider is sick or absent from school on a competition day, he must let the coach know ASAP so we’re not waiting for someone who will not show.
Track and Field Volunteer Manual
This manual currently includes instructions for supervising the pole vault, long jump, shot put, discus and high jump. More information will be added.