BTF Program Information

Team Expectations

  • Athletes will follow all school rules and policies.
  • Athletes will listen to and follow the directions of coaches at all times during practice.
  • Athletes will treat others as they would like to be treated.
  • Athletes are expected to maintain eligibility throughout season and/or seek help from coach or teachers if there is difficulty.
  • For safety reasons, athletes must “check out” with the coach before leaving practice if not dismissed as a team.
  • Athletes are expected to be on time for the bus in order to arrive at competitions as a team and leave as a team. If an athlete needs to leave a competition with parent/guardian, the coach must approve it. Parents are not to “just leave” with the athlete without notifying the coach.
  • If any athlete chooses not to follow these rules, the athlete will be asked to leave the team.


Earning A Varsity Letter:

  • Athlete must score in a Varsity meet.
  • Athlete must complete entire season as a team member.
  • Athlete must follow all team/school rules and policies.
  • Athlete must put forth effort to contribute to team success as well as the athlete’s own success.