BWP The Water Polo Parent


Many positions remain unfilled on our volunteer sign up sheet for both home and away games. Please consider helping.


Are you new to Water Polo? Is your child just joining our team? At Skyline, we are proud to be members of a proactive, generous group of parents who are very involved in all things Water Polo. We would like for you to be equally as involved, but understand that life’s other commitments may get in the way. We outlined some of the basic requirements which are expected of a Water Polo parent and answered some common questions our new parents may have. Here is a comprehensive guide to being a spectacular water polo parent.
Outstanding commitment from our parents keeps our players well fed, well organized and very punctual. Since we are a small team, our parents often pull double duties and volunteer as coordinators, scorers, assistants and wear many other hats. We expect you to commit to at least two events and volunteer to bring food to at least one early practice.
The players have morning practices at least twice a week and evening practices at 5 PM. Players can stay after school in the athletic lounge and eat and study, while they are waiting for practice to begin. If the players decide to go home, they have to be back at skyline and ready to swim promptly at 5 PM. This may become an ongoing commitment on your part to get your player to school on time for practice. Luckily almost all of our older players not only drive, but also help their junior team members get to practice on time. Please promptly pick up your child around 7:10 after practice. Of course your child can always bike or take the city bus, if they are not able to drive themselves.
Additional transportation commitment is required for away games. You are responsible for getting your child to games on time. If you cannot provide transportation, please let other parents and players know right away, so that we can make arrangements. Usually the junior players will just secure a ride with the senior players.
Your extremely dedicated parent team is rocking it out on every front. You will see many positions held by the same parent or family, so please be mindful of their time, of which they give generously. You can find our full list of parent coordinators by following this link
In addition to the  mandatory athletics fee of $280.00, which allows players to participate in all athletic games throughout the year, an additional fee of $150.00 is required for participating in Water Polo. At the beginning of the season you will receive an email about the fee and where it can be dropped off. Additionally, you should budget for breakfast food for at least two to three morning practices and one to two events. If you plant to purchase additional speedo for your player, the cost normally ranges between 18-25 dollars. A team order will be placed at the end of August for Skyline swimwear. Swim caps are provided by the school.
The National Federation of State High School Associations is the governing body for Water Polo rules. If you are working the table or just want to understand more about the rules you’ll find good links here:
Here is a link to our Timing System Manual:
A two-page rule guide (not NFSH but helpful)
And a referee hand signal reference (not NFSH but helpful)