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The SABC has several opportunities for its members to get involved and share the workload. Each committee is explained below with the number of volunteers needed. Please consider helping out and contact the coordinator directly.

Skyline Home Concessions Committee

  • Scheduler: Assigns teams to the home athletic events, and emails coaches/team representative with assignment information
  • Purchasing team: Coordinates the purchase of all stock items
  • Operations: oversees inventory, cashbox, and storage
  • Openers: Meet team volunteers at the concession stand 30-45 minutes prior to the event start time, to provide instructions
  • Closers: Meets team volunteers at the concession stand toward the end of the game, to oversee the close-out procedures and deposit of funds.

Events Committee

  • Most of our events have Publicity, Ticket distribution, Decorations, Refreshments/meal, Entertainment/Agenda, Auction, and Clean up committee members.

Membership Committee

  • Recruiting team: Present at school and sports events to recruit new members to the SABC
  • Data Coordinator: Input the data in an Excel spreadsheet to be used for SABC purposes

Communications Committee

  • Publicity Coordinator: provides outreach to the community; publicize our events, meetings, and accomplishments. Prepare SABC email blast and update PTSO newsletter with SABC activities.
  • Publicity Assistant: Assists the Coordinator in all these duties.

Team Banquet Rentals Committee

  • Inventory and Check-out Coordinator: Keeps track of the inventory of items the teams may check out to use for their sport banquets. Please review the SABC Banquet Inventory to see if your team needs anything and contact the Coordinator directly.