Program Information

The goal of the Skyline Women’s Lacrosse program is to build a strong team of young women, coaches, and parents who are enthusiastic about the game of Lacrosse and the direction of the program. Together we will lead with encouragement and discipline so our athletes begin their journey to being the best students, citizens, and leaders possible. They will learn the joys of winning and the opportunities that losing games offers us as a team. Throughout the season, our student athletes will learn that being a part of a team teaches them crucial cooperation skills that will benefit them in every aspect of their lives. Skyline Women’s Lacrosse is proud to focus on sportsmanship, self-discipline, and a winning attitude. One of the top priorities will be to make the experience safe and fun for our athletes. This includes creating opportunities for players to get involved. Athletes will work harder and have more fun if they feel a deeper connection to the team. This will be accomplished by including the players in the making of many team decisions. Empowering them on the field will lead to a more confident and responsible individual off the field.


Opportunities are open to interested players at all skill level and grades including freshman.