Strength and Weight Training

Ann Arbor Skyline after school and summer sports performance program! An intense atmosphere to get Fit and Strong! WHEN IT IS TOO TOUGH FOR OUR OPPONENTS IT IS JUST RIGHT FOR US!

The Purpose of the sports performance program is twofold.


The methods and techniques you will learn in the weight-room are based on the latest research and physiological fact. Following these methods and techniques will make you a bigger, more explosive and faster player.


The traits and characteristics that we preach about and demand you follow will make YOU a better PLAYER. The grind and the discipline it takes to FINISH EVERY REP will translate directly to your play. Surviving the rigors and challenges as one unit will make us a stronger team.

Training Philosophy

“The only place you’ll find success before work is the dictionary”
– Vince Lombardi

Coach Bedinger’s training philosophy concentrates on functional movement training with sports specificity in mind; after building a good foundation in power, strength and endurance as well as solid core strength; power is produced in the core. I stress “perfect form = perfect performance” making sure every athlete is performing each rep within each exercise correctly to prevent injuries, in the weight room as well as on the field of play. Injury prevention is one of the most important aspects of training. Progressing each athlete forward, concentrating on smaller stabilization muscles as well as the larger muscle groups. Coach Bedinger’s goal is to push each athlete to his or her limit to produce the best results.

This sports performance program is designed to develop the best gains in the least amount of time in the safest way possible. It is our goal to develop the muscular system in a manner that is compatible with the muscular demands on each player playing his or her chosen each sport.
With a full body approach Coach Bedinger is look to train everyone to be the best ATHLETE they can be from head to toe. He believes that an athlete can be placed in any sport and perform. Giving coaches better athletes to perform in their respective sports.

The foundation of the program will always be to coach each rep, not merely count reps. This hands-on approach not only increases safety in the weight room, but also augments results of each athlete. Strong commitment from a highly qualified coaching staff is the single most determining factor, which maximizes results both off-season, and in-season.

All strength-training philosophies have the potential to be productive as long as there is progressive overload involved; however, not all are practical. Strength can be obtained either by exposing the muscles to lengthy high volume exercise, or by brief high intensity exercise. Given our time constraints during season, the workouts are designed to maximize our training in the least amount of time. Workouts are brief and demanding by necessity.

Why do we strength train?
1. Injury prevention
2. Performance enhancement
3. Rehabilitation
4. Mental toughness
5. Enhance health

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Brandon Bedinger, Ann Arbor Skyline Sports Performance
M.S. Exercise Physiology